Energy In Texas

In 1999, a new law was passed in Texas to encourage free market competition within the electricity industry. This made it possible for most consumers to choose their power company. The law was also passed to encourage lower prices. However, municipalities and cooperatives were exempt from the law in some areas. These customers do not have a choice of electric providers.

The law did not change the transmission and distribution utilities. These remain the same regardless of which provider is selling electricity companies texas. Local wires are provided by the same service providers. If there are outages, these companies continue to provide the same service.

There are no penalties in the state of Texas for switching providers other than early cancellation fees. Texas consumers are allowed three days to cancel service once they receive the provider’s Terms of Service. Consumer rights are protected by the Public Utility Commission. Consumers also have the right to make complaints against their energy provider to the PUC.

All complaints are required to be investigated promptly by the electric provider. Slamming and cramming are terms that are used on the complaint form. Slamming is defined as a provider who switches your service provider without your permission. Cramming is defined as billing you for optional charges without your permission. These practices are illegal in the state of Texas.

Electric providers are not allowed to release your personal information to other electric providers without your permission. The reliability of your electric service does not change no matter which provider you choose. If you experience a power outage, you should contact the provider located on your billing statement. There should be a specific number for you to call for outages.

Your electric service can be disconnected for nonpayment. You should receive a notice that allows you 10 days to make payment arrangements or pay your bill. If you suspect that your provider has switched your services without your permission, you can report the incident to PUC by calling the hotline number. Consumer electric service complaints are at their lowest since deregulation began. The law was passed to support competitive business practices while maintaining good customer service.

Texas energy providers like Ambit Energy, TXU and Reliant continue to offer low electricity prices with competitive pricing plans. There are many other small energy providers that offer excellent electric rates. You can visit to find a provider. The website is maintained by the Public Utility Commission. You will find complaint reports, energy provider information and helpful consumer tips on their website. Deregulation has improved prices, customer service and service reliability. Even if the energy provider you choose goes out of business, your electricity will remain on and default to your last energy provider.

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